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WARNING: We go crazy
Never mind that, we're insane
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Emo Heart
Oh, I found a peice of mind! lol. Hey there! Wazzup?

Okay, so I have the most insane convos. with Ryan, right? Well, just to show you HOW insane, here's a short list of a few things he 'randomly' says. (which whole convos. will have absolutely no main topic(s) or make sense to others)
1. Trevor! Use a 'S' not a 5!
2. Don't use a 2...STOP USING NUMBERS!
3. No-ooo, you sent it to him!
4. Trevor, shut up, no one cares about lard!
5. i'ts time to change my diaper!
6. Falalalalalalala...fruitcake!!!
7. You order orange chicken?
8. Drop the kitty nuke! Kitty hair blows everywhere "No not the kitty hair!" "Mommy, there's kitty hair in my soup!"
9. things not to put nacho cheese on; Hammer, blender, gay lampshade.
10. Monkey chomper!!!

So now you see just a FEW of the things he's said. Want more? There's a whole book of them for only $99.99! jk. Wow, too much Mountain Dew! hehe! ttyl ~Heather
11th-Jan-2006 10:11 pm(no subject)
John, Senior, Mexico
1. John Miller
2. 17
3. Speedway, Indiana
4. Is anyone else known by a group of people only as "the cartwheel boy"
5. black, penguin, newsboys, Sino Buffet
6. did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen. BABY i compare you to a kiss from the rose on the gray ooooo the more i think of you the stranger it feels yeah. Now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the gray.... Seal
13th-Oct-2005 06:26 pm - Darn
Emo Heart
my other entry never posted? Darn, darn the cheese! lol. Well, lemmie try and remember what I wrote:

1. full name (or what you wanna be known as)
2. age
3. location (ie. state, city, country, whatever you feel like putting)
4. why you believe that your weird/crazy/outta this world enought to be in our community
5. what your favorites are (ie. color, food, animal, or whatever else)
6. some little interesting fact that most wouldn't find 'normal'

OK then.
1. Reggie Malymeik (but call me Cartwheelz
2. 15
3. the earth! jk. Michigan.
4. I created this journal, why shouldn't I be in it? lol. After a couple posts, you'll know why I'm here.
5. COLORS: Blue shade- cerulean, pink shade- thistle, green shade- jade green, red shade- wild strawberry. FOOD: almond chicken, mac & cheese, pasta ronie chicken flavored noodles, chicken flavored stuffing by itself, and the schools lunches (except the burritoes). ANIMAL: Wolves, dogs, birds, cheetah print, ducks. WHATEVER: yelling @ inanimate objects, dodgeball @ church, and drawing.
6. Well, most people find many things weird about me, here's a short 'sample': I love God most, I like/love the school food, I'm literally the only on in my school who actually likes Mrs. Lopez (spanish/french/late german teacher), I love just staring @ trees, snow, wildlife, cloudscapes, and rain/thunder/lightning storms, oh, and I like shoe flinging contests.

Hope this has entertained ya'll! lol. ~Cartwheelz
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